Playlist November 18

This month’s playlist is all about keeping you going, when the weather is just too frustrating, when your assignments and work just keep assembling in front of you. Literally like a big pile of work and you get this feeling like you just can not do it.

But there is this one thing, that always will help keep your spirits up and that is of course music. Take a coffee break, a nice fika and listen and then back to work 🙂 . This playlist keeps you going and is intended to give you that feeling back that you can make it and finish all the things you have to, before Holiday season hits in. You can do it!

Playlist November

This month playlist is a mix of electro and pop and indie, just the right amount of mix, IMHO. We got “Tomten” in it again, i.e. the band with this name that is the one Swedish word I never learned to pronounce properly (as I told you last month), with another song. This one is called Celadon Song and it makes me think of John Lennon’s voice in Imagine.

Please listen and tell me what you think! /Ju


Moneybrother’s new album

After a long pause Anders Wendin, aka Moneybrother produced a new album. Det är dom dagarna som jag vill sjunga om is the name of it.

For those of you, that did not get hooked on Moneybrother in the early 2000s, when he toured a lot in Europe, this album might work just fine. He still has this unique voice, with its special heights and depths.

However, this album seems to have changed Moneybrother’s musical direction, finally on the road to Swedish folklore artist and partially even close to Schlagers. Everything that was Indie about Moneybrother is gone.

Some songs sound a lot like songs of Moneybrother’s first Swedish album:


This new album might bring Anders Wendin even closer to become a folkkär artist in the sense of classic Swedish troubadours, but his days of European tours might be over, unless he’ll be getting back to singing English at some point.

But still, even for the Swedish folk skeptical in us, it’s not easy to not fall for the charm of Anders voice. And even though some of the other songs don’t work at all for me, he got me at least with Jag förstår inte vad du såg , the elements of Swedish folk songs, in combination with this text, that feels like he is singing just for you, yes Moneybrother we can still hear and feel it! Yes, hooked again. Just bought my ticket to Dramaten in april. /Ju

A tribute to Freddy Mercury? – recension

I can not remember when I came across Queens music. It must have been, when I was still in primary school, so it has been a while. Well the time has come to go, this time with another two expats, my dear friends, who were visiting Stockholm, to the theatre cinema to see the biographic movie about Queen and their frontmen Freddy Mercury. The movie itself is nicely presented and the music is still in my modest opinion the best. The presence of Freddy Mercury on the stage is still alive with actor Rami Melek, who has stepped into big Freddy shoes and he preformed well. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to see them performing alive and to see his charisma in person.

Maybe I was just expecting another story from a biographic movie of a legend. I can’t say that I’m disappointed but rather surprised. A movie that is made in and by Hollywood, where so much power to say something in pictures is present. There are just a few scenes in the movie that are implied about Freddies sexual orientation. In my opinion there is too little shown or pointed out in order for younger generation, including myself, to understand his way of life and his passion to music. I don’t know if Freddy himself would agree with shown on the screen. Unfortunately he can’t speak for himself. /Sa

Swedish classics: Så som i himmelen (As it is in heaven – authors translation)

First of all I need to make a confession. I know this is a classical film and I should have already seen it, but I still haven’t. Maybe it is not negligibly that in 2004 it was the most visited Swedish movie in the cinema theatres as it was seen by almost 1,4 million people and on the top of it nominated to the best international film for Oscars. To be honest I didn’t want to see it before I went to see the musical, where one of the best and famous Swedish opera singers, Malena Ernman, is singing as well.

The songs are newly written by Fredric Kempe, who is one of the most talented Swedish musical talents. Gabriella´s song is also included in the musical, which was in the Swedish charts for incredible 68 weeks. So to say Fredric is giving us a captivating story of the conductor Daniel Daréus, who after break down interrupts his international career and comes back to his childhood village. He returns there because he needs silence, peace and quietness. It does not take long to be persuaded to take over the little church choir and his life suddenly turns completely around as he gets to know the colorful village people, who are singing in the choir: the charming cashier Lena, traditional priest Stig and his wife Inger, the resigned Gabriella, the strict diaconist Siv, the love destroyer Olga, the overoptimistic bicycle dealer Arne. he finds everything in and with them, friends, enemies and love.

All singers and actors are backed my major orchestra, which is performing live.

It is a must see for every musical lover, where you can find performance filled with laughter, tears, love, dance and of course songs. /Sa

Swedish mornings in December

What’s the best about Christmastime in Sweden? In the mornings for breakfast, the first thing you would do? Or maybe the second thing, while enjoying the first cup of the day, with some hearty breakfast? Of course, Christmastime in Sweden, means Christmas calendar time and as such TV for breakfast even for grownups, right 🙂

Do you already have your favorite julkalender of all times? Or are you still new to this fun tradition? To really join in, start now, by watching some old favorites

Julkalender 2016 Selmas Saga

Collage av Erikbe99 Christmas calendars 1979-89

Julkalender 2012 på SVT play

Or maybe you just can’t wait for the new julkalender to get started? Here’s a sneak peek to this year’s version, starting on December first, on SVT and SVT Play

Julkalender 2018

This year’s Christmas calendar is playing out in a place called “lugna gatan”, the quiet street. It’s about family Storm that is moving from a city to a small town. The family tries to join in the small-town life, by joining in a game that is played every year in their new home.

And here’s a best of list of all Christmas calenders/Julkalendrarna so far written of MovieZine.

Anyways we are looking forward to get really into the mood for Christmas and hope you are up for it, too! /Ju

Serbian king of pop – Zeljko Joksimovic – a concert

It was a Sunday evening and I went to another concert. This time alone. I have to admit it was a bit weird but you kind of get use to it. The path to the concert was familiar as it was  on the way where we first met with Julia (remember good old days, working as a project worker and calling sometimes some weirdos  ). So I went inside and there was again a bit of nostalgia inside of me. Seeing a lot of people from Ex-Yugoslavia, which were talking, laughing and socialising, this was another picture of Sweden, which made me actually warm at heart. I should not forget that always, when there is some “Balkan” event, there is a food truck in front of a place, where the event is taking place. A special one, with of course local Balkan food and famous “cevapcici” (not  suitable for vegetarians and vegans).


Back to the concert. The concert was in a gym. which was spacious enough as it was not full. The first one was Amel Curic and I have to be honest I did not know him before but obviously he is a star, as he won X Factor Adria, where all Ex-Yugoslavian countries except from Slovenia have participated. He was singing his own hits and some hits that are folk tunes and it was not bad at all.

Honestly I was waiting for him, Zeljko Jokisimovic, Serbian singer and song writer, who participated two times at Eurovision song contest and even more times as a song writer, representing Serbia, and he could not start better as with one of my favourite songs “Ljubavi“ (My love – authors translation) and then he just continued, with his other hits. It was pure joy. His presence and charisma on stage is indescribable. You simply have to go to his concert and see it by yourself. / Sa

Playlist October

How do you find new music to listen to? Is it still through radio stations or through suggestions on Spotify or Itunes? I myself love to listen to my favorite radio stations and mostly discover new bands through them and their DJs.

October’s playlist, I must admit reflects totally my affection for Seattle’s radio station KEXP and as such this list offers some local artists.

Tomten, for example is from Seattle, funny enough their name means “Santa Clause” in Swedish, or “property”. Which word is indented to say, depends totally on the accentuation, and I myself not managed once to lay it on the right spot. So I usually say fun things, such as “the Santa Clause is located at the lake” or “Property brings presents to kids” 🙂 .

In my list is of course also one song of Swedish export Robyn, who finally released a new album this month.

Playlist October